Christmas Tree Delivery

Strength Monsters Cover Issue 2 ChristmasRawking and Evil Robot find themselves suspended from Strength Monsters, the professional wrestling league that employees them. They are forced to take up temp jobs as Christmas Tree Delivery Men, and in a short time find themselves on a crazy adventure with Santa Claus (who is also a former pro-wrestler), his Elves, and a host of villains. If you liked Lobo's Paramilitary Christmas Special from the 1990s, you will definitely like Strength Monsters in Christmas Tree Delivery. Featuring Hulked up Elves, Pirate Santa Claus, lots of Christmas Trees and a host of Yuletide Craziness.

Created, Written and Inked by Sam Kressin
Penciled by Mike Witherby (Marvel Comics Veteran) and Sam Kressin
Cover Inked by Josef Rubinstein
40 Pages
Full Color Cover Black and White Interior


Review #: ECEGSNS1
Kiyoshi Nakazawa

Topic: Strength Monsters is the type of wrestling comic America needs.

Review: “Strength Monsters is the type of wrestling comic America needs. Willing to go to the outer limits of the absurd with a Burrito wrestler villain (a real living burrito not a man dressed in a burrito costume) and a hero that has built in Tesla Coils with permanent arcing action going at all times. The level of creativeness reminds me of the great Japanese puroresu manga Kinnikuman, there is even a character that reminds me a bit of SteCase King. What's going to set this comic apart from any wrestling comic you may have read, beyond the insane concept of a pro-wrestler with arcing Tesla Coils that fights a giant burrito eating burrito (yes a burrito that eats burritos, that's not a typo), is the attention and research into the amazing catch wrestling moves and techniques. An entertaining blend of real and fake, of the outlandish and historical."

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Submitted by:Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Professional Artist

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